And so I begin …

Every writer needs a blog.

I’ve been working on my writing for a long time. I started my first novel in high school (and let’s not count how many years it’s been since then), but I was telling stories a long time before that, usually in that delicious twenty minutes in bed before I fell asleep. I actually had an imaginary cupboard which contained all the right ingredients. I’d open it up, mix up a little of this plot and that character and drink it down to start my daydream (I’m still not sure whether this was inspired by Alice in Wonderland or my mom’s awesome baking skills).

I’ve always been a little bit daunted by social media. In spite of the insistent clamor of advice saying that today’s authors MUST have a web presence, I’ve been resistant. Partly this is because I’m introverted and the cacophony of online voices is deafening. Partly this is because I’m frustrated by the poverty of much online communication–the miscommunications and hurtful exchanges that so frequently are produced by too much brevity and anonymity. And partly, if I’m being honest, because I’ve got a big old grain of lazy in my core that I’ve got to constantly wage war against.

But at the end of this week, something amazing is going to happen. For the first time since I was six years old, I will no longer being going to school. For the first twenty-four years I was attending as a student (yes, I have a BA, an MA, and a PhD–I wanted the whole set). For the last two, I’ve been attending as a teacher. But on April 22, I will teach my last class.

You see, I happen to have been given the incredible, mind-blowing, just-like-a-fairy-tale blessing of marrying somebody who believes in dreams. He believes in them so much that he’s willing to shoulder the whole burden of supporting our family while I try to make this writing thing pay.

So it’s time to stop being daunted. It’s time to stop being overwhelmed and frustrated. It’s definitely time to stop being lazy.

I owe it to my husband, who is making this sacrifice for me.

I owe it to my daughter, so that she can grow up watching a woman dream big and work hard to make that dream happen.

And I owe it to myself, because no other work I’ve ever done has made me happier.


One thought on “And so I begin …

  1. Love all of this! I am in the same boat. Just starting out. Starting a blog. Getting on Twitter. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I am pushing through all of that fear and uncomfortableness to achieve my goals. Good luck to you!


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