#PitchWars : Surviving the Wait

I did it! I’ve submitted six entries to Pitch Wars 2016!

Now the mind games begin.

1.      I really, really wish I had taken a screenshot of my entry page before I hit “Submit” so I could stop stressing that I accidentally entered the wrong category or something equally stupid! I know I clicked the right thing, but that doesn’t soothe the panic gremlins! So, if anyone is reading this before submitting, TAKE THE SCREENSHOT.

2.      I’m going to stay off Twitter as much as I can. I’ll probably miss some great stuff, but for me, it’s just not healthy to obsess over any hints mentors might drop. It makes me unhappy and cuts into my productivity, and since my writing time coincides with the baby’s naps, I cannot afford to spend it twisted up in knots over a #10queries tweet that probably doesn’t even apply to me. Kudos to everybody who’s got more mental self-control!

3.      I’m going to limit the number of times I check my writer email each day. (Trying for three.) Hubster suggested I make a chart to keep myself accountable, and I think I’m going to do that.

4.      I’m going to set a specific and challenging words written goal for the period between now and August 25. Nothing beats the not getting chosen blues like a new project that’s making measurable progress!

5.      I’m going to double down by making a list of the advantages of NOT getting chosen. Right at the top is the chance to submit to an agent that I’ve been DYING to submit to, but who has been closed to queries for months. She just reopened, only, of course, I can’t submit to her until I find out the Pitch Wars results! Happily, her open window will extend past August 25.

Hopefully, these measures will keep me sane (relatively. Last night I made up a song called “Navasota: Zombie Walmart,” so sanity probably doesn’t mean quite the same thing to me that it does to most people). Good luck to all my fellow hopefuls!


One thought on “#PitchWars : Surviving the Wait

  1. Good luck!

    I wish I’d screen-shotted it too! I’m now paranoid I got my email addy wrong or something. (but they have my twitter? So should be okay?)

    I’m using tweetDeck to stalk my mentors on my computer browser. I added them to a private list. None of them have updated in over an hour. (I thought it was 3 hours… time dilation has started).

    My writer email barely gets any email. So, leaving a separate window up at my work PC with the email open isn’t distracting, because it takes .0001 seconds to determine there’s still nothing new, without me even clicking on the tab.


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