So I Got into #PitchWars

This blog post is long overdue, but I offer as my excuse the BIG THINGS that have been happening.

As the title of this post announces, I have been selected for Pitch Wars 2016! Not only that, but my manuscript was chosen by my dream mentor Charlie N. Holmberg. For those of you not familiar with her work, you can check it out on her website: . Short version: a best-selling YA (kind of) fantasy trilogy, now optioned by Disney, and two adult fantasy novels that absolutely blew me away with their fabulousness (review of the newest of these, Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet, coming soon). Getting picked by somebody whose writing I admire so much was obviously a huge confidence booster, and more importantly a chance to learn from a seasoned industry professional. In addition to offering feedback on my work, Charlie has allowed me to pester her with questions major and minor, professional and downright nosy. I am so glad I pulled my last round of MS edits together in time to submit to the contest, and also that I didn’t chicken out on submitting to Charlie. (I honestly didn’t think I’d have a chance—so if you’re a potential PW mentee sometime in the future wondering whether you should submit to a mentor who is so fabulously awesome that EVERYBODY else is sure to submit to them too, the answer is yes. You never know what will happen!) The whole experience really brought home the truth that you’ll never know what it means to succeed until you risk failure and TRY.

I spent the first month doing a round of what I would call “tune-up” edits—places in the MS that weren’t quite connecting in the way that they should, exchanging rattles and squeaks and mysterious clankings for a smooth-running machine. Now Charlie has my MS again to do a set of line edits, which means that for the last couple of weeks I have been FREE TO WRITE WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE! I’d almost forgotten what that feels like, but it has been FABULOUS. I’m just coming out of a long writing dry spell, mostly brought on by the birth of my daughter (I had a somewhat complicated pregnancy followed by the shock of new parenthood). But now that I’m getting the hang of the mom thing and have at least temporarily pushed a big project off my plate, the words are pouring out. It’s amazing and wonderful and I remember why I wanted to write books in the first place.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have a WIP calling my name.