The joy of making things

I’ve really been wrestling with what to do with this blog. Part of being an author in the twenty-first century is creating on online platform–that is, making sure people interested in my writing/me have a way to find out more about me. This isn’t actually a new concept–storytellers have always had to go out and find their audience. Medieval bards would travel from village to village, looking for people who liked their stories enough to pay for them. If they were really lucky, they’d find a patron–someone wealthy and interested enough to pay to have a private storyteller on call. (Just imagine that if instead of hoping you’d read my book, I was angling for your spare room!) But I digress.

I’m extremely introverted, which means words don’t come easily for me. Whether in speech or writing, I struggle to produce sentences unless I have a purpose in speaking. I’ve never been able to talk to just make noise. I envy people who have this talent, who seem to be able to effortlessly fill the conversational space with easy chatter that requires no investment from either person–it’s a real social service.

So blogging is a challenge. What could I possibly have to say that would be meaningful enough for me to write and you to read? The default answer for a writer is to write about writing, but there are lots of people doing that already–and a lot more capably than I can. Besides, I just don’t have enough to say to come up with years (yeah years, I’m hoping for a career here!) of writing topics.

But as I thought about it, I realized that writing is actually only a part of a bigger theme in my life–making things.

I love to make things–whether it’s a fantasy novel, a loaf of bread, or a refurbished mail box. There is a satisfaction that comes from the act of creation–any kind of creating–that I don’t find anywhere else. It’s energizing, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. I have this feeling that even the smallest acts of creating matter in a way that’s bigger than the visible result.

I also love blogs that talk about being creative–crafting, baking, writing … I love them all because they add something real to my life, whether by teaching me how to do something new or simply inspiring me with beauty, wisdom, and a better way to be. I also don’t think there can ever be enough of these blogs because everybody creates differently, in different circumstances, under different constraints, with different needs. You never know when something you’re doing may be just what somebody else needs to help them achieve a goal or conquer a challenge.

So I’m going to blog (probably once a week) about making things–stories, pastries, home improvement on the cheap. I hope you’ll be inspired by what I can offer, just as I have been blessed by the offerings of so many other makers.


3 thoughts on “The joy of making things

  1. Neat idea! I’m all about creative outlets! I love painting, sewing, and baking. Even coloring with the kids can be relaxing 😀 I’d like to learn how to knit or crochet too. When I’m engrossed in a story, I do much less of the other things though. I def should find more time to paint!

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